Report from Serbia

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Serbia once again shows that is country full of retards, country in which law do not work. Country in which criminals are fighting for getting access into the parliament and gaining immunity from prosecution.

This is nothing new as for all of us who lived in Serbia while still having IQ over 150 that is easy to see. In Serbia we have a leading party who stole some of the tools from other parties but its by far the best party in the country. On other side we have criminals from ultra right the same criminals who gained popularity when previous Prime Minister forgot to destroy and remove groups which are forbidden and which should be forbidden to exist.

Serbia is one of maybe 2 countries in the world, from over 200 countries, which allow and support nazism and nazi and fascistic groups. In Serbia that groups are just like in all other countries Ultra Nationalistic. The only difference in between Serbia and other especially European countries is that in their countries members are jailed and groups forbidden in case of making any type of organising or criminal activity.
Dont forget what is the sentence in Germany for raising a Nazi "hail hitler hand" or saying "Hail Hitler" in public. If you dont know its minimum 3 years. And its used any times by now including in cases of a tourists who just wanted "to have fun" while showing a nazi swastika and yelling hail hitler.
There are quite a few of groups that continued developing in Serbia I will not name them here but they even formed a party of ultra right activists who got in parliament in previous census. As I dont care about politics of retards in the country this post will not be a examination assessment and analysis of retarded groups in the country. They either way should be exterminated and I will not waste time writing about them. The only reason why I mention that is to examine how retarded people in Serbia are including youth and especially youth. As educational system in Serbia is far worse then in Nigeria its worse then in Rwanda which is funny as I can confirm that knowing quite a few developers from those countries.

Serbia whether wanting or not become a most retarded country on the world. Currently Serbia is worse in education and general knowledge and by it everything else including ethics then an average African country. Worse then most undeveloped South Asian countries. To not even mention India. That same India whicworksh 15 years ago was so undeveloped that it started receiving a program of 100$ laptops for educational development as Nigeria a little later. Dont forget who is CEO of Google and Alphabet.

I have bunch of friends from India with whom I collaborated on many projects. The funny fact Nigerians opened more then 30% of new accounts on Github last year and continuing this one. It will be great as its a nation who want to continue in development and it does have 200 million people.

I have my projects which are founded and funded as well. The world will continue to develop. And bastards will be punished. To simplify while writing on Serbian.