Some chill music to listen while working

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This are some of my favorite playlists to listen while working. Although I prefer to listen to no music when I work sometimes i listen to the following.

Nice playlist that I maintain:

Some nerdcore or in other way music that talk about nerdship:

Some other nice playlist that I do not maintain.

Harp music

Harp is beautiful instrument usually used to make very chill music like its sound as it is a string instrument that also can make clear sounds better then piano.

Theorist playlists:

He is a nice Asian dude from Canada that started on youtube some years ago. He started with some of his compositions and started doing covers which are usually very well arranged. He still weekly releases few covers on his channel and that is great way to make a community. I follow him from the beginning of his youtube channel and he currently have over 1 million subscribers.