Getting tired during the covid crisis

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So what is going on with me past month? Well beside chilling way too much and working less as I finished job for a client, there are smaller amount of social activities due to global crisis.

Unfortunate side effect is that there ware less interesting jobs to pick but still there are interesting job offers. So however I joined to few hackathons past month and will continue to join to other hackathons in the next months.

So beside that nothing much on the coding and social happenings. There ware no meetups that are not only online.

Also meetups with the community in Serbia are not the ones that I am interested to be on that much. Mostly they are meetups about the "hypes". And I do not like "hypes". Also I do not like meetups with unknowledgable still very opinionated people -- in other words newbs. As I with my skills have surpassed them long time ago. So anything that has been ever taught in Serbia or events that are happening are mostly of no interest to me except for a effect of having a social contact with people from the country who are working in similar industry.

So what I am doing is trying to find enough of the online meetups with quality content or webinars. And of course I find them. However as my skillset is diverse that is something that I can afford.

I joined a hackathons to make some apps and to try to find more like-minded programmers and create some platforms that can alleviate the problems that appear with the global crisis. I made a team with some of my coding friends - some coding girls that I met on instagram some people from github and started working on the projects.

Recent activity was joining a Hackathon -- EUvsVirus where we basically formed a team on the day of the hackathon. We meet on the slack first time and made a team. That is not the best way to make a team, then again I do met some extraordinary talented men and women there. So I am very glad to be part of that hacathon and all different groups I was helping there.

With my team we decided to continue work on our platform and that is a nice gain from hackathon as well as a great relationship we made.

Other way to break the pandemic boredness and annoyances is joining different open source projects on github and helping as a programmer.

Don't worry if I write source codes I write checks and ...

We are not the same Serbs